At paraíso we take pride in the quality of our stainless steel jewelry, which is durable and resistant to rust, tarnishing, or turning your skin green. However, it still requires proper care and maintenance to maintain its appearance and quality. 

Our unplated stainless steel finish is ideal for those who prefer a carefree lifestyle, allowing you to swim or shower with your jewelry without any concern.

However, if you've opted for our plated pieces, such as gold or with an antique effect, we recommend that you avoid getting them wet with harsh chemicals. Chemicals found in harsh soaps or swimming pools can corrode the plating. Nevertheless, minimal exposure to water won't cause any harm to your jewelry.

It is important to remember that you should always dry your jewelry after getting it wet. Leaving your items in water for a prolonged period can cause damage. We advise that you handle your jewelry with care, especially if you engage in activities such as sports or manual labor, which may cause scratches or dings.

To prevent scratches and damage to your jewelry, store it in a separate compartment or pouch. You can also use a jewelry box with soft padding or a soft cloth to prevent your jewelry from getting scratched.

If your stainless steel jewelry has lost its shine, you can use a polishing cloth to restore its luster. Gently rub the surface of the jewelry with the cloth to remove any dirt or grime and bring back its shine.

By following these simple instructions, you can ensure that your stainless steel jewelry stays looking its best for years to come.

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What are your delivery times?

Upon confirmation of payment your order will be processed for shipment within two business days. A tracking code will be issued to the email you ordered with. Average shipping times within the United States are 3-5 business days. For international shipments, expect a 10-20 business day delivery time.

How much will shipping cost?

For orders placed with a United States shipping address, standard shipping is complimentary. For orders placed with an international shipping adress, a custom rate will be calculated at checkout.

How do I track my order?

After we process your order for shipment, an email update will be sent to you that includes your own dedicated tracking link.

Where Is My Order?

If your package was confirmed delivered by the carrier via a tracking number, we recommend you check with others in your household and/or neighbors to see if they have received your package. You can also contact the carrier directly for assistance. 

When packages are stalled, misdirected, lost, or stolen during the delivery process, the matter will be resolved by either (a) location and delivery of the original package, or (b) refund of the purchase amount. In all cases, your cooperation, as outline below, is required to pursue a resolution.

When tracking shows the package as not delivered, and the package is stalled, misdirected, or lost, we will launch an inquiry with the carrier in an attempt to locate your package. Generally this takes up to 30 days. After 30 days, if your package has not been delivered or located, we will resolve the matter by issuing a refund.

When tracking shows the package as delivered but the package is missing, you must file a police report, file a stolen mail report with the postal service, and forward written copies of these reports to us. We will begin working toward a resolution upon receipt of these reports. You may be required to provide additional documentation.

My Order

How can I change my order?

For any changes such as an address change, cancellation, or additional modification to your existing order, please email us at with your order number in the subject line.

Do you offer exchanges?

Absolutely! If you need a different size after trying on your new piece just let us know by emailing us at

**Please note: We do charge a $7 exchange fee to return and re-stock your product. For domestic orders we will then ship your new item free of charge. International exhanges may be subject to a higher fee for shipping.

Where is my order confirmation email?

If you haven't received a confirmation email within five minutes of ordering, we suggest to first check your additional email folders (spam/promotions). If you still don't see the email, there may have been a spelling issue. No worries though! Just email us at and we'll solve this! :)


How do I return my product?

For full details, please view our Refund Policy Page

What materials do you use?

Our products are made from recycled stainless steel. For our gold stainless steel products, we use gold IP plating, allowing for a durable coat.

Necklaces: All of our pendant necklaces come on a 54cm rope chain, cable chain or box chain. Chain style will very on product. 

Cuffs: All of our bracelet cuffs have the ability to be adjusted to your desired wrist size.

What size ring should I order?

On each product page for our rings, you will see a "Size Guide" button. If you click this it will provide instructions and dimensions to help you select the right size.


What is paraíso?

paraíso, translating to "paradise" in English, is a creative fashion studio startup that is dedicated towards improving mental health. To learn more about us, please visit Our Mission page.

Do you donate to charity?

As part of our mission, we donate 1% of our proceeds to non-profit psychedelic research organizations. Including but not limited to the Beckley Foundation, MAPS, and chacruna.

Do you have social media?

Yes we do! Come hangout and connect with us on Instagram or Facebook @paraisocreations :) You can always send us a message there as well.