Lifetime Warranty

What Does Our Lifetime Protection Plan Cover?

We are dedicated to ensuring the lasting beauty and security of your treasured jewelry. Our Lifetime Protection Policy provides comprehensive protection, covering everything from normal wear and tear to the unexpected loss or theft of your pieces, ensuring your peace of mind for a lifetime.

Inclusions in the Lifetime Protection Policy:

  • Loss or Theft: Customers with a purchase history exceeding $150 are eligible for one-time replacement of a lost or stolen item. We understand the emotional value of your pieces and are committed to mitigating such losses.
  • Tarnishing or Fading: If you notice any tarnishing or fading on your jewelry, rest assured that we will address these issues, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your pieces.
  • Accidental Damage: Life can be unpredictable; thus, we cover accidental damage including breaks or scratches, ensuring that your jewelry remains in pristine condition.
  • Size Changes: As time passes, if the size of your ring needs adjustment, we will exchange it to ensure a perfect fit always.

How to Make a Claim:

To make a claim under the Lifetime Protection Policy, contact our customer service team at with a detailed description of the issue, along with a photograph of the item (if applicable), and your original order number. We will assist you through the replacement process, offering a replacement or store credit for choosing another piece from our collection.

Program Limitations:

  • Our lost and theft policy only applies to customers with a purchase history exceeding $150. If you do not have a purchase history over $150 and cannot show proof, we cannot replace your stolen or lost items.
  • Our lost and theft policy is only eligible within 90 days of your original order date.
  • For reporting multiple lost or stolen items, the total stolen or lost order value must exceed $150. This means that you must show proof of purchase for all items that are being reported stolen or lost and the total purchase value of the items must exceed $150.
  • Our Lifetime Protection Plan covers 1 replacement claim. After the initial replacement claim, a new purchase is required to re-qualify for our warranty.
  • Our Lifetime Protection Policy does not cover damage resulting from abuse, neglect, improper use or storage, unauthorized modifications, or deliberate repairs.
  • Our Lifetime Protection Plan does not fully cover replacements for broken chains on pendant necklaces. A $15 fee will be required for all replacements.

Fair Use and Proof of Purchase:

A fair use policy is in effect to prevent policy abuse, allowing us to refuse claims that do not meet our criteria.
Proof of purchase is essential for all claims, especially for those involving lost or stolen items, to verify the claim and expedite the resolution process.

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction:

Your trust and satisfaction in choosing paraíso is paramount to us. With our Lifetime Protection Policy, we guarantee that each piece you select from us will continue to deliver joy and enhance your beauty throughout your life's adventures, safeguarding your investment in quality jewelry with us.