Our Impact

At paraíso, we are dedicated to creating awareness and sparking conversations around the transformative potential of psychedelic medicines. Our products are crafted to forge a connection to the realm of healing and personal growth. Through the language of creative expression, our goal is to enlighten the world about the medicinal applications of psychedelics and entheogenic plants. We aspire to break down stigmas, providing a voice to communities that cherish these plant tools and actively contribute to improving mental well-being.

We are committed to making a positive impact in the mental health space by allocating 1% of our profits to non-profit organizations supporting psychedelic research. Join us in shaping a future where these substances are celebrated for their transformative capacity, fostering positive change and personal growth.


paraíso is a startup, creative fashion studio that is passionate about using fashion as a tool to improve mental health. We understand that current psychiatric treatments often fall short in addressing the deep suffering of those affected by conditions like PTSD, depression, and addiction. However, new research is shedding light on the potential of psychedelic medicine as a breakthrough treatment for these and other psychological issues. In line with our mission, 1% of our proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to researching the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. By using fashion and harnessing the power of creative expression, we hope to play a role in creating a future where psychedelics and entheogenic plants are widely accepted and used for mental healing. 


There are more similarities than differences when comparing a “psychedelic experience” and a “creative act”. They both have the ability to explore areas of our personality and subconscious that can’t be directly translated. This is commonly known to occur with artists and musicians, when they reach the “flow” state and their work is rendered from a deeper part of themselves. We take inspiration from these experiences and best apply it to our business in hopes of establishing a creative community that helps others discover their own potential within themselves. 

Research Organizations We Support

"I want people to openly talk about mental health as freely as we talk about fashion. It's more important than fashion, so why not talk about it just as openly? I started paraíso to create a space where discussions about psychedelics and mental health are given the same level of importance and openness. Let's talk about it, just like we would about the latest fashion trends."

- Hugo Contreras JR

Founder & Creative Director